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Live Imaging of cell, tissue and organisms

Tuesday 10 August | 12.50pm to 14.25pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney Time)


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Chat Transcript

00:40:06 Please type your questions in the Chat group. Michelle will answer questions at the end of her talk.
00:44:24 Renee Whan: How deep into the bone were you imaging (generally) and how did you select the fission/fusion events by eye or were they collected automatically?
00:50:25 Raymond Yip: Have you examined osteoclasts fission/fusion events in aged mouse/mouse model of osteoporosis? Are they more or less frequent?
00:58:20 Thank-you again Michelle for a great talk
00:59:17 Please place your questions in the Chat for the next 3 speakers. Questions will be addressed by all speakers at the end of the session.
01:20:26 Andrew Das: Did you encounter much background noise from random associations of Caspase2-VenusN and VenusC? If so how did you get around this?
01:23:00 Jiachen Xuan: what do you think the role of Caspase 2 at the replication fork? and have you had a look at caspase 2 with other nucleolar marker like UBF?
01:32:20 Caroline Holley: I have a question for Lisa. I was wondering if you’d tried this CASP1 BiFC assay with the other ASC-less human inflammasome CARD8? And if you’d tried your probe with mouse Nlrp1 which can activate CASP1 independently of ASC like human NLRC4 can (I think human NLRP1 still needs ASC but I’ve lost track on what people think of that)
01:34:56 Yunan Ye: For Dr Jennifer Zenker: Thanks for the great talk. Is actin also doing something at the interphase bridge in preimplantation embryos?
01:35:07 Renee Whan: Jennifer, what you theorise if the role of these fragmentated mitochondria are in the movement of microtubules?
01:42:12 Renee Whan: Harrison, how do you know the lifetime shortening is not a consequence of the change in pH/ lipid environment
01:44:56 z3354957: @Harrison York During the FLIM acquisition how many photons per pixel on average were you recording
01:51:51 Lisa Bouchier-Hayes: Thank you so much for organizing a great meeting