Session 2

Live Imaging of cell, tissue and organisms

Tuesday 10 August | 14.35pm to 16.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney Time)


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Chat Transcript

00:09:19 Nigel Waterhouse: As with the previous session, please add your questions here and we will have a Q&A session after the first 3 talks.
00:19:10 Pamela Young: lindsey, have you tried sticking a pulsed IR laser on your endoscope and looking at multiphoton excitation of endogenous (eg NADH,FAD) or second harmonic generation of collagen?
00:20:56 Lindsay Bussau: Hi Pamela We did some work with a group a Swinburne a few years back looking at 2 photon, and we confirmed that it is possible. We have not taken it futher at this point.
00:25:39 Oleks Chernyavskiy: Lindsey, have you implemented or at least considered FLIM (either with VIS or IR pulsed laser)? If it has been tested, were there technical limitations to implementing these options in an optical fibre endoscope?
00:28:09 Renee Whan: @Baharak, is the AI module come included when you purchase or is it an add on?
00:31:43 Lindsay Bussau: Hi Oleks. Considered, not implemented. There are technical issues which need to be resolved before this would be practical. Currently in the “possible future directions” bucket and would need a commercial driver to get additional R&D focus.
00:38:16 Andrew.Marshall: @Renee denoise Ai is included (from version 5.20 onwards for all A1-R systems) also from 5.40 onwards for the Ax . Ax has both auto signal Ai and Denoise Ai
00:58:02 Nigel Waterhouse: As before, please enter questions for the speakers here and we will get to them at the end of the three speakers.
01:24:17 Daniel Long: Apologies everyone, the chat will now all you to chat to everyone. Somehow the chat setting was changed.
01:26:06 Nigel Waterhouse: Hi all, please re send any questions as these have not come up in chat to everyone. thanks
01:27:52 Damien Chong: @Emma thanks for an interesting talk! Have you looked at how Src-mediated vasculature affects bloodflow/tissue repair?
01:28:33 Renee Whan: @Emma, Do you know what MMP’s are involved with this SRC / focal adhesion degrading of the matrix?