Session 3

Live Imaging of cell, tissue and organisms

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Technique in Focus Q&A

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Chat Transcript

00:11:55 Paul Mcmillan: Remember to post any questions you have in the chat and we will answer them at the end of the session.
00:19:11 Renee Whan: HI Ed, How many different combinations are possible with your confetti model?
00:32:48 Paul Timpson: Ed have you looked at photoswitching in your models
00:33:12 Paul Timpson: As cell move or progress coupled with RNAseq
00:37:39 Sarah Ellis: @Edwin. Lovely presentation (as usual 🙂). You mentioned that the clonality was more prevalent in long bones compared to the calvaria. Was this in relation to clone size and/or clone numbers? Is it simply a result of the increased volume of bone marrow in long bones?
00:42:27 Samantha Stehbens: @kendall – great talk; * are there any clinical trials running investigating FAKi in solid cancers with Gem/abraxane? * Which FAKi did you use in your study? *Did you look at FAK localisation in your models?
00:48:02 Emma Gordon: @Kendall, fabulous talk. I may have missed it in all the detail, but did you say that FAK activity is induced by stiffness? If so, any idea how that might occur?
00:52:39 Renee Whan: you can do it
00:57:31 Samantha Stehbens: thank-you! Just wondering about nuclear FAK
01:01:34 Paul Timpson: Remember to post any questions you have in the chat and we will answer them at the end of the talk.
01:32:52 Jonathan Teo: @Leonard, Thank you for such a fascinating talk. This might be a naĂŻve question but are the animals with their heads fixed able to rear (stand on their hind limbs)?
01:33:17 Renee Whan: Astonishing….
01:33:32 Thomas Cox: Amazing talk! Could you combine this with optogenetic approaches to simultaneously neuromodulate and monitor response?
01:34:38 James Fraser: To follow on from that, what about axial rotation of the head?
01:34:42 Renee Whan: Have you examined whether you can use in vigilo, for immune models?
01:36:04 Edwin Hawkins: Amazing work. Do you make a Paul Timpson sized version of this system?
01:39:56 Paul Timpson: i do not want anyone to know what goes on in my head..ed