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Image processing and analysis

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Chat Transcript

00:21:52 Renee Whan: HI Everyone, Don’t forget to post your questions for the speakers!
00:29:00 cool idea! Reminds me of structure illumination approach…how many ‘circle’ do you need o sample in Fourier space and how does that affect the speed of acquisition? Would it be possible to have a grid or checker board pattern illumination, a la SIM, and sample more than one part of Fourier space simultaneously, or is this messing up with the phase info?
00:30:58 related to hardware, how fast can be LED switching compared to say sCMOS acquisition rates? Would spatial light modulator be faster implementation?
00:36:44 Ellie Cho: I see the great value of this technique for long term live cell imaging. Does the wavelength matter for this computation by any chance? (hope not!)
00:40:10 Renee Whan: @Laura, really exciting this can be used on 3D samples. What is the threshold between “thin and thick” samples, ?
00:46:56 appologies to all, this is some issue with recording…seems like it was not Nyquist sampled
00:47:44 Genevieve: Is there a transcript for the parst that are unintelligible?
00:48:35 Paul Mcmillan: Did I miss it? Whats the theoretical max resolution increase? How many images required to get this?
00:52:15 Renee Whan: @genevieve, all recordings will be available afterwards, this many be a bandwidth issue.
00:54:49 Renee Whan: AMAZING!!!
00:55:21 Sue Lindsay: Yes amazing!!!!
00:58:23 Ellie Cho: Please type your questions in the Chat for the next 3 speakers. Questions will be addressed by all speakers at the end of the session.
01:06:41 Ellie Cho: @Tiago, Can we process images in batch if we choose to do automated tracing? Can we do scripting with ImageJ Macro?
01:11:00 is the number of branches critical or local density of them to categorise into group 1 or 2?
01:12:32 how does this algorithm perform in case one has dynamic growth of neurites, in 2D+t or 3D+t?
01:15:37 Renee Whan: @Tiago, is there a limit in data size that can be put in SNT? EG Lightsheet. And how do you deal with larger data sets… HPF5?
01:27:49 @Thomas what is spatial resolution in these images and can one adjust the scanning speed and/or beam waist to improve the resolution?
01:30:38 Lung-Yu Liang: Question for Prof. Cox:
Is MALDI-MSI able to dissect post-translational modifications of proteins in different subcellular compartments? Thanks.
01:30:53 Jonathan Teo: @Thomas can HIT-MAP also be applied to images acquired by DESI?
01:42:02 Anna Trigos: What is the biggest area that can be scanned with MIBI?
01:42:32 Genevieve: Great talk, thanks Nina!
01:44:10 Pradeep Rajasekhar: @Nina, how challenging was analysing the images from MIBI compared to analysing traditional fluorescence images?
01:44:38 Laurence: Thanks Nina, what is the resolution of the MIBI technique?
01:47:00 Greg Bass: @Nina, great presentation!