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Chat Transcript

00:11:34 Will Hughes: Please pop your questions here.
00:36:55 Renee Whan: @Leica Microsystems, Can you use Aivia 10 be used during the acquision? Eg perform AI on data as it acquires, to provide feedback to acquisition, or can it only be used retrospectively.
00:52:46 Nina Tubau: Great talk Anna! How do you predict the phenotypes in SPIAT? Which features are you using, mainly intensities or morphological features also?
00:55:04 Greg Bass: Great presentation Anna!
00:58:22 Daniel Long: Anyone who is having trouble with the volume, could you try increasing the volume on your machine. This is the volume level that this was recorded in.
01:02:10 Renee Whan: Don’t forget to Ask questions everyone.
01:04:11 Cameron Nowell: @pradeep would using something like CellPose or even Ilastik help with cell stains that are not wholly cytoplasmic?
01:08:44 Alexis Melo: Pradeep have you tried Stardist segmentation with live cell experiments? If yes how well it works?
01:16:03 Pradeep Rajasekhar: @anna, does the modelling of spatial distribution account for tissue structures such as vessels?
01:25:35 Merryn: Hi Anna, I’m also interested in the cell phenotyping step in SPIAT. Is it completely automated and based on thresholding or is the opportunity for training and refining the classifiers? And for cells that are excluded based on predetermined “incompatibility”, are they excluded, or classified under one phenotype based on a hierarchy?
01:29:02 Paul Mcmillan: SPIAT paper:
01:29:28 Anna Trigos: And SPIAT tutorial:
01:30:51 Cameron Nowell: We have use StarDist for live cell tracking and analysis for apoptosis. WOrks really well