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Chat Transcript

00:51:46 Kelly Rogers: Please type your questions in the chat
00:59:51 Liisa Hirvonen: Thanks Merja, very nice talk! A question about your SR imaging technique – are you doing single molecule imaging, or single molecule tracking?
01:00:47 Paul Mcmillan: Merja, can you describe in more detail how you performed your clustering analysis please?
01:01:29 Vinod Sundaramoorthy: Great talk Merja.. Do you think the synaptic uptake mechanism of the toxin could differ in different types of neurons. ex: motor neurons?
01:03:31 Damien Chong: @Merja Good presentation. Do you know if your BoNT activity is altered by the fluorescent tag? Also, do you plan to study other BoNT serotypes?
01:06:20 Liisa Hirvonen: @Vinod – I love the microchannel device! How do you get the axons to grow through it?
01:10:18 Peregrine Osborne: Vinod, very interesting talk. Your paper uses embryonic cortical and DRG primary neurons. Have you considered using adult primary DRG sensory neuron in culture as these are more differentiated and very different to the embryonic neurons?
01:16:52 Md Musfizur Hassan: @ Vinod: Are you using any fluorescent neural tracer?
01:20:50 Vinod Sundaramoorthy: Thanks Hassan… We use the wild type fully infectious strain of rabies virus. While the neural tracers are attenuated G protein deleted version of rabies virus. We are using this for a neuroscience project with a collaborator at Monash.
01:23:42 Liisa Hirvonen: Please post your questions to Markus here.
01:41:56 Kelly Rogers: Beautiful talk thanks Markus – Does the use of nanobodies improve pre expansion labelling and accessibility to the epitopes? Is there any evidence that different tissue regions or cellular structures expand to different degrees?
01:42:23 Elvis Pandzic: @Markus, how much is the inherent biological structure of organelles or protein clusters affected by EM? Have you tried quantifying average protein density per cluster of some protein within say membrane in regular dSTORM vs EM-dSTORM?
01:43:13 Hamid Soleimaninejad: @markus exciting talk!! As expansion modifying the nano-morphological structures of investigated ROI. Are there any benchmarking experiments to find reasonable expansion parameters? Somethings give us the idea about expansion factors and how to optimize it.
01:43:17 Renee Whan: yes
01:43:48 Kelly Rogers: Have you been able to resolve mitochondrial structure, such as the cristae using this approach?
01:46:34 Elvis Pandzic: I guess it answers my questions…
01:50:11 Elvis Pandzic: related to 3D STROM using Lattice Light Sheet: How intensive is the data acquisition/processing vs using cylindrical lens or similar acquisition in somewhat standard 3D storm experiment?
01:52:30 Neftali Flores Rodriguez: Fantastic talk Markus. It has been reported that PFA produces much better results than glutaraldehyde when doin ExM, is that your experience?
01:53:30 Renee Whan: THANKYOU MARCUS