Session 9

Advanced and developmental microscopy

16.10 - 17.45 | Session 9: Advanced and development microscopy

Chairs: Renee Whan and Sue Lindsay


16.45 - 17.35 | Vale Katharina Gaus, In memoriam

Speakers: Eleanor Kable, Dylan Owen, Liz Hinde, Jan Ellenberg, Enrico Gratton

(5 x 10min)


17.35 - 17.45 | Concluding Remarks

Speakers: Renee Whan and Louise Cole


Vale Katharina Gaus, In memoriam
Speaker: Eleanor Kable

Vale Katharina Gaus, In memoriam
Speakers: Dylan Owen

Vale Katharina Gaus, In memoriam
Speakers: Liz Hinde

Vale Katharina Gaus, In memoriam
Speakers:  Jan Ellenberg

Vale Katharina Gaus, In memoriam
Speakers: Enrico Gratton

Vale Katharina Gaus, In memoriam
Speakers:  Enrico Gratton

Concluding Remarks
Speakers: Renee Whan and Louise Cole

Chat Transcript

00:08:44 Renee Whan: PLease ask your questions here!!
00:18:44 Sarah Ellis: @Peter: given the software can track dividing cells, can it also construct lineage trees?
00:19:10 Senthil Arumugam: @PeteDavis Whats the highest NA objective in LiveCyte?
00:20:38 Sue Lindsay:
00:21:37 Peter Davis ATA – Australia: Hi Sarah,
00:22:13 Peter Davis ATA – Australia: Indeed it does do lineage trees
00:22:35 Senthil Arumugam: Thanks @Sue,but the brochure does not contain the info I need.
00:23:42 Sue Lindsay: Hi Senthil, yep should have read it first
00:23:47 Sue Lindsay: Try this
00:24:42 Sue Lindsay: Peter can you give some information on the highest NA objective.
00:25:24 Peter Davis ATA – Australia: Magnification Entrance pupil (mm) W.D (mm) N.A 4 9 18.5 0.1 10 7 10.6 0.25 20 2 1.2 0.4 40 2 0.6 0.65
00:25:35 Sue Lindsay: Thanks Peter
00:26:51 Peter Davis ATA – Australia: Objective LN4X/0.1 OBJECTIVE PLN10X/0.25 OBJECTIVE PLN20X/0.4 OBJECTIVE PLN40X/0.65 OBJECTIVE
00:27:06 Peter Davis ATA – Australia: makes it easier… cheers
00:28:13 Senthil Arumugam: Thanks Peter! Is it possible to get a different air objective in with higher NA, for e.g. the 50X 0.95NA MPLAPON50x, or is the working distance an issue (0.35 mm)
00:29:11 Renee Whan: @chunsong, With respect to the TILT lightsheet, what is the best axial resolution allowed and what is the largest specimen size?
00:29:19 Peter Davis ATA – Australia: I will research this for you Senthil.
00:30:02 Senthil Arumugam: Thanks, Peter
00:30:56 Hamid Soleimaninejad: @Chunsong: Amazing talk. Thanks!! What is the range of adjustable detection unite in Alpha 3? Is it adjustable in one dimension or 2D?
00:31:15 chunsong yan: The light sheet thickness is approx. 4um. And the overall resolution is determined by the combination of this and NA of the objective.
00:32:15 chunsong yan: @Renee for TILT.
00:32:45 Senthil Arumugam: @Renee Here is the original tech. For Mizar TILT:
00:33:16 chunsong yan: @Senthil. Thanks!
00:34:24 Stephen Thompson: I can quote for MIZAR TILT too!!
00:34:37 Stephen Thompson: 😀
00:35:15 Sue Lindsay: 3i
00:35:25 chunsong yan: @Hamid, Thanks. For the detection, it can be configured for a range of objectives (starting from 2X to 60X with different NA and working distance).
00:36:45 Sue Lindsay: Stunning imagery
00:36:53 Stephen Thompson: contact: thanks Sue
00:37:27 Peter Davis ATA – Australia: Can I send you some info on the X-Clarity Tissue clearing system are.. before you demo the Lightsheet… therefore cleared samples to use!!!
00:37:53 Stephen Thompson: Hi Pete, you knw where I am!
00:38:19 Stephen Thompson: pay attention…
00:38:28 Sue Lindsay: @Stephen every tried to image spider head/brains?
00:38:52 Stephen Thompson: Sandra and Flo and I spoke about it
00:39:06 Stephen Thompson: 1.8 L
00:39:32 Renee Whan: Astonishing
00:39:58 Stephen Thompson: 😍
00:40:08 Sue Lindsay: Well I was not paying attention!!!
00:40:10 Stephen Thompson: 12 MB
00:40:44 Senthil Arumugam: Awesome imaging @3i
00:40:58 Stephen Thompson: 😍
00:42:32 Neftali Flores Rodriguez: Amazing talk and imaging data Ed!
00:43:01 @Stephen is XL upgrade on chamber only or whole sample holder and scanning mechanism?
00:43:45 Stephen Thompson: Great Question, slightly more than just a sample chamber but not too difficult.
00:44:12 Stephen Thompson: can’t waitr to talk to Wollongong and happy to zoom talk with anyone anytime
00:44:39 wrt my previous question, how was the mouse body positioned and is lightsheet SLM posititioning vs sample positioning all done automatically during a scan?
00:47:37 Stephen Thompson: The whole mouse is on a flat spoon. No rotation. Happy to show you some details via zoom
00:48:37 Ian Harper: sound ??
01:41:23 trevor hinwood: A great virtual LMA Conference in challenging times. Well done Renee and committee.
01:41:43 Stephen Thompson: Thanks EVERYONE
01:42:18 Nadia Suarez-Bosche: GREAT Microscopy meeting. Thank you to all the organizers for your hard work 👏
01:42:34 Darryl Johnson: Well done everyone. great work
01:42:50 Paul Mcmillan: Congrats Rene, Paul, Celine and all the other organisers. A triumph!!
01:43:26 Ellie Cho: Great event, thank you all organisers!
01:43:27 Daniel Long: Please take the time to fill out the feedback form within the LMAmeeting website.
01:43:28 Ian Harper: WELL DONE ALL
01:43:36 Louise Cole: Be ready to give a clap or confetti emoji to thank Renee and the LOC for a very successful LMA National meeting 2021
01:43:39 Nicholas Condon: Well done, everyone, a great event.
01:43:40 Luke Wensing: Best Meeting EVER
01:43:41 Kelly Rogers: Congratulations Renee, Paul and Celine and all others involved. Great meeting
01:43:58 Kelly short: Thank you!! amazing meeting
01:43:58 Kalyan Shobhana: Thank you to all the organisers!
01:44:03 Taryn: Fantastic meeting, and so smoothly run. Well done LMA team!
01:44:12 Harrison York: thanks all! can’t wait to do it again
01:44:24 Toby Bell: Great meeting! thanks to all!!!
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01:45:45 Andleeb: Great Informatic Sessions…Thanks to all
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01:46:23 chunsong yan: Great Conference! Thanks all.
01:46:31 Neftali Flores Rodriguez: Thanks to all the organisers for such a great LMA
01:46:32 Carola Thoni: Thanks
01:46:49 Gavin Symonds: Well done. Excellent conference and excellent talks.
01:47:05 Louise Cole: Fabulous event – thank you